EXA ID Scan Autofill & EXA eSignature

is a data entry wizard running on an OCR engine



EXA ID SCAN is a data entry wizard running on an OCR engine that reads images captured from any image scanner. With the touch of a button or hotkey the scanner is activated to capture the image for OCR processing. It provides ideal solutions for identifying Passports, Visa, ID cards, Driver License and other travel documents. Our system are developed as a fast, accurate, simple, and economical data input tool to reduce processing time and improve productivity at check counters.

Flatbed Scanner

Fujitsu FI-65F

  • Model : Flatbed Scanner
  • Speed : 1-2 Seconds*
  • Resolution : 600 dpi
  • Interface : USB 2.0
  • Dimension : 40 mm x 234 mm x 145 mm
  • Weight : 0.9 kg
  • Support : Windows

Camera Scanner

EXA ID Scanner

  • Model : Camera Scanner
  • Speed : 1 Seconds*
  • Resolution : 5 MegaPixel
  • Interface : USB 2.0
  • Dimension : 195 mm x 160 mm x 150 mm
  • Weight : 0.7 kg
  • Support : Windows

EXA eSignature

EXA E-Signature is an electronic signature system that enables You to eliminate paper documents generated during a digital business process, for the purpose of being signed by the parties involved in the transaction (as an act of consent for legal /regulatory purposes). It provides seamless process during Check-In and Check-Out, as well can act as a display of Hotel Promotions or Services to the Guest for up-selling purpose.

LCD Tablet


  • LCD Screen Size: 10.1"
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Active Area: 223.2 x 125.6 mm
  • Supported Resolution: 800x600, 1366x768, 1024x768, 1280x800, 1440x900, 1920x1080
  • Tablet & Pen Technology: Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR)
  • Dimension: 283 x 210 x 11 mm (excluding rubber stand foot)
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Power Supply: USB bus power, no AC power required
  • Communication Interface: USB 2.0 (high speed)


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    Speed Up Check-In

    Registration Process from minutes to seconds

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    Data Accuracy

    Improve data accuracy by reducing typing mistakes.

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    Multi ID

    1 Scanner for multi ID - Read capability (Identification Card, Driver License, Passport, etc.)

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    Sharing Scanner

    Sharing scanner between computers for saving spaces and hardware investments.

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    Saving Cost

    Saving Costs by reducing usage of inks & papers




Hotels are needed to collect identification details (passport, visa, ID cards, etc,) of their guests during the check in process. This is mainly to comply with local regulatory requirements and/or security purposes.


Building Security

Several large organizations need to enter identification details of all their visitors, and employees into their computer systems at their entrance gates. Additionally, they are required to fill personal contact details along with entry and exit timings.


Immigration & Border Control

Immigration and Border Control Authorities worldwide need a centralized system for recording and monitoring traveler entry and exit details. EXA ID Scan is ideally suited for automated scanning and reading of Passports, Visas and ID cards that meet the above requirements.



Flight Manifest is an easy to use scanning and reading system for passports & ID cards. It helps airline staff in easy, fast, accurate and automated data entry of passenger identification details in their computer systems.


Human Resource

Several job fair the HR need a fast, accurate and automated scanning, reading and ID document management system that is ideally suited for Corporate and Government Sectors.



Several hospitals need to enter identification details of all their patient into their computer systems at their registration desk.